Terranum Nuncius, a walk-through with Jitish Kallat

Contemporary Indian artist takes STIR on a special guided tour of the monumental show, his solo in five years, at the Famous Studios in Mumbai.

by Rahul Kumar Published on : Jan 28, 2020

Earlier we presented an exclusive interview with artist Jitish Kallat on the philosophy of his work and his concerns. In continuation, here is a special walk-through with the artist himself, explaining the ideology behind his work Covering Letter, Terranum Nuncius, in his own words.

Kallat feels that the location of humankind itself is uncertain to us, our own certitude, where we exist, is unknown to us. And in this light, the idea of our own extinction, our mortality, the concept of us and the other, a search for a vocabulary lead him to the creation of the Covering Letter, Terrarium Nuncius. “The first covering letter was a letter going from one kind of human consciousness to another kind of human consciousness” he adds.


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Rahul Kumar

Rahul Kumar

Rahul has written for various publications and leading journals like Arts Illustrated and Mint-Lounge. He led an art venture for NDTV and was involved in its television programming. He is a Fulbright scholar and a practising artist. Rahul retired from mainstream corporate roles and as an Editor for STIR, he is responsible for curating the Art section.


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