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Adventures of #mybathroomanthem - presented by Kohler, curated by STIR

STIR speaks with 15 renowned designers about how bathroom as their private space reflects their personality and their unique anthem.

by Nitija ImmanuelPublished on : Apr 14, 2022

Bath spaces make for the most private refuge for a person, allowing one to drop all masks and guards, disrobe one of external distractions and reflect on their innermost thoughts and personalities. These urban caves of calmness are a place to look inward, lose inhibitions, let go, sing and dance without a care. With their latest innovation, Kohler revolutionises the luxury bath experience with Anthem by Kohler , an immersive, tactile and intuitive digital shower experience that led STIR to curate a special series inviting leading Indian designers and architects to share their most private stories through an intuitive narrative.

02 min watch Dial up your showering experience with Anthem valves and controls by Kohler | Anthem by Kohler | STIRworld
Dial up your showering experience with Anthem valves and controls by Kohler Video: Courtesy of Kohler

"My bathroom, my persona, my anthem...Kohler believes that Anthem is the future trend of our bathroom which is an intuitive and immersive experience. #mybathroomanthem series offers viewers a glimpse into the uninhibited personalities of your favourite creative professionals highlighting their bathroom secrets, quirks, anthem and more," shares Vishal Chadha, Managing Director, Kohler - South Asia. "Anthem by Kohler is intuitive, powerful, and precise. We strive to make the everyday experience of the user better, and we have already begun by introducing the HMI (human machine interface) for the bathroom area, much like we do for our phones, cars, and appliances," adds Parveen Gupta, Head of Marketing, Kohler India.

Who are your favourite architects and designers behind closed doors? We peek into their creative cave, their secret retreat, their escape room. Designers from all over the country join STIR for fun tell-alls confessing their fears, fantasies, naughties, eureka moments and much more in the bathroom...

Shabnam Gupta describes a funny childhood memory in which her father created for her a feminine, pink bathroom in an effort to make her more ladylike. "One fine day, my sister and I painted all the bathroom tiles with graffiti street art!" she shares. Ravi Vazirani, meanwhile, continues accumulating his most impressive comebacks in the shower. Architect Sandeep Khosla's mellifluous rendition of U2's Running To Stand Still will have you mindlessly tapping your feet.

The distinguished list in the series includes Vikram Phadke, Sandeep Khosla, Shabnam Gupta, Seema Puri, Ravi Vazirani, Ekta Parekh among others. Fifteen new episodes will be revealed every day until the end of April, and each outtake discloses never-heard-before chapters and wild, funny anecdotes from their lives in response to free-fire questions, concluding with their very own bathroom anthem.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Sandeep Khosla

Sandeep Khosla, Founder & Principal Architect, Khosla Associates Image: Courtesy of Sandeep Khosla

Did you know Sandeep's brother once locked him in the bathroom? The founder of Bangalore-based architecture and interior design firm, Khosla Associates, shares his bathroom fears and luxuries with us.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Vikram Phadke

Vikram Phadke, Interspace Inc. Image: Courtesy of Vikram Phadke

Vikram Phadke of Chennai-based Interspace Inc. lets us in on an undiscovered bathroom secret. When he's not seeking creative inspirations, the self-admitted candy crush addict enjoys spending time playing games in the bathroom.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Ravi Vazirani

Ravi Vazirani of Ravi Vazirani Design Studio Image: Courtesy of Ravi Vazirani

What lurks in your bathroom? Mumbai-based interior designer Ravi Vazirani discusses his bathroom fears, his love of designing bathrooms and even introduces us to his adorable bathroom partner, his pet Yoda.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Manish Gulati

Manish Gulati of M:OFA Image: Courtesy of Manish Gulati

The founding partner of the New Delhi-based architecture firm agency, M:OFA, opens up about his architectural fantasy, confesses to sneaking magazines into the bathroom and also shares his me-time bath routine.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Ekta Parekh

Ekta Parekh, co-founder, reD Architects Image: Courtesy of Ekta Parekh

What do you do when you are young and in New York? Grab free champagne in the ladies' restrooms of the trendiest NYC pub, of course. Ekta Parekh, co-founder of reD Architects recalls fun bathroom memories from her visits to the Big Apple.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Shabnam Gupta

Shabnam Gupta, Founder, The Orange Lane Image: Courtesy of Shabnam Gupta

Mumbai-based interior designer, Shabnam Gupta, is known to create some visual wonders with unique elements within a contemporary design palette for her clients. Although in her younger days, she admits she turned her father's romantic Victorian bathroom into a graffiti-filled grungy one.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Tejal Mathur

Tejal Mathur of Tejal Mathur Design Image: Courtesy of Tejal Mathur

From revealing her most embarrassing moment in the bathroom to sharing her favourite bathroom playlist, interior designer Tejal Mathur reveals all in this candid chat.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Huzefa Rangwala

Huzefa Rangwala, co-founder of MuseLAB Image: Courtesy of Huzefa Rangwala

Huzefa Rangwala believes unicorns exist! The co-founder of MuseLAB, a design firm based in Mumbai, frequently spends time in the bathroom brainstorming, reflecting and contemplating design decisions.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Alan Abraham

Alan Abraham of Abraham John Architects Image: Courtesy of Alan Abraham

In today's episode we see architect Alan Abraham of Abraham John Architects at his humorous best. He shares some delightful insights about his childhood and discusses his bathroom preferences.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Supraja Rao

Supraja Rao of Design House Image: Courtesy of Supraja Rao

Taking a leaf out of her childhood memory bank, Supraja Rao of Design House takes us back to simpler times as she narrates her childhood bathroom stories.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Shilpa and Sameer Balvally

Shilpa and Sameer Balvally of Studio Osmosis Image: Courtesy of Shilpa and Sameer Balvally

Shilpa's ultimate hideout den, and Sameer's fond childhood escapades – the designer duo at Mumbai-based Studio Osmosis find refuge in the bathroom.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Iram Sultan

Iram Sultan of Iram Sultan Design StudioImage: Courtesy of Iram Sultan

Designer Iram Sultan shares interesting anecdotes from her childhood, recounting stories of a rough tomboy who loved climbing trees and didn't fuss about stained clothes or scraped knees.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Shantanu Garg

Shantanu Garg of Shantanu Garg DesignImage: Courtesy of Shantanu Garg

Designer Shantanu Garg reveals his favourite bathroom fragrances and talks about his passion for sculpting aesthetic and functional bathrooms.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Seema Puri Mullan

Seema Puri Mullan of SEZA Architects Image: Courtesy of Seema Puri Mullan

Architect Seema Puri's love for good karaoke is not a secret, but not many are privy to her obsession with white bathrooms.

STIR x Kohler #mybathroomanthem with Puran Kumar

Puran Kumar of Studio PKA Image: Courtesy of Puran Kumar, Studio PKA

Architect Puran Kumar wears many hats, almost literally. They hang in the bedroom, by the bathroom closet and even in his study...he also unveils his favourite Kohler bathroom.

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