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Japanese minimalism in this new watch by Nendo

Fuss-free and elegant, this new watch by Nendo for 10:10 is for the minimalists out there.

by STIRworldPublished on : Jun 27, 2019

We have to admit that we are big fans of Japanese studio Nendo, founded by Oki Sato. Their minimal aesthetic is a signature style that we have now come to associate with them. And their latest work is a minimal watch for the brand 10:10. Called 10:10, it was named after the Japanese word for ‘two dots’, which are universally known to separate the hour and minute numbers on digital clocks.

  • The initial sketches made by Nendo for 10:10 Image Credit: Courtesy of Nendo
  • The 10:10 watch by Nendo comprises of only two elements, the strap and the timepiece Image Credit: Akihiro Yoshida

A wristwatch typically consists of three elements: a timepiece, a wristband and a buckle that adjusts the strap's length. However, this sleek design by Nendo fuses the timepiece and buckle together into one element and removes the unnecessary parts. The new design consists of only two components, which combines the two different straps into one long belt, allowing the user to easily adjust the length and fasten the watch on the top of their wrist rather than at the bottom. As with Nendo’s other designs, this collection too is defined by their minimal, fuss-free aesthetic. It features numberless indices and no date window. A singular colon marks 3 o'clock instead, intended as a reference to the brand's namesake.

In this new design by Nendo, the strap of the watch can be fastened at the top of the wrist instead of the bottom Image Credit: Akihiro Yoshida

Similarly to other 10:10 products, the belt can easily be removed and changed into different colours and textures. It is currently available with black and brown leather straps and a stainless steel and rose gold body respectively.

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