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Episode #17: The ROCK Radisson RED Hotel in ABB's popular video series, Frozen Music

The project helmed by INNOCAD architecture features an asymmetrical facade, golden details and a striking rooftop overlooking the panoramic views of the canal.

by ABBPublished on : Aug 01, 2022

Get inspired by 'The ROCK', a Radisson RED Hotel in Austria's capital Vienna by INNOCAD architecture. Contradictions seem to complement each other here and create something surprisingly attractive and new.

The hotel's geometric form with asymmetrically folded façade corners subtracts volume from the architecture and allows light to enter other buildings and the street while evoking the impression of a rock formation. The golden-shaded windows invite you in while also enticing you to gaze outside, as the windowsills form benches in the guest rooms, encouraging one to linger and enjoy the view of the vibrant neighbourhood, right next to a canal that branches off the Danube River.

A public rooftop bar with a partially cantilevered terrace and a courtyard offer striking axes of vision. A 24-meter mural echoes the street art outside. Here modernity meets Viennese culture like a techno-waltz…

Martin Lesjak, CEO and Founding Partner at INNOCAD architecture| ROCK Radisson RED Hotel Vienna by INNOCAD architecture | ABB | STIRworld
Martin Lesjak, CEO and Founding Partner at INNOCAD architecture Image: © KAPFHAMMER

"Our holistic approach unites our quest for humanistic and sustainable architecture and design, including social, ecological and economic aspects. Our principles focus, amongst other topics, on the human being with his or her psychological, physiological, cognitive and social needs," says Martin Lesjak, CEO and Founding Partner at INNOCAD architecture.

Watch Episode #17 of Frozen Music and enjoy INNOCAD's brand-new hotel project for a city bursting with history and character.

Frozen Music Episode #17 The ROCK Radisson RED Hotel - Vienna, Austria by INNOCAD architecture

Video: Courtesy ABB
Image Credit: © Paul Ott
Jul 20, 2022

Frozen Music
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