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Geometric Design

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Ludwig Godefroy designs a brutalist shelter in a Mexican alpine forest with Casa Alférez

May 22, 2023

by Jincy Iype May 22, 2023

Based on the concept of a ‘house as a vault,’ the Alférez house contrasts its brutalist, cubic volume with surprisingly lofty, cathedral-like interiors, that ‘grow’ to meet a canopy of pine trees.

Dong’an Lake Sports Center is an ensemble of louvred metal “artefacts in nature”

Sep 10, 2022

by Jerry Elengical Sep 10, 2022

Completed by gmp Architekten in Games in Chengdu, China, the sports complex comprises three aluminium clad blocks separated by open spaces and playing fields, having been envisioned as a landmark in its urban context.

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