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Episode #18: Villa Petra in Portugal from Frozen Music, ABB's popular video series

Designed by the award-winning Marlene Uldschmidt Architects, this contemporary family mansion is nestled among the scenic shorelines of Algarve in Portugal.

by ABBPublished on : Oct 07, 2022

Marlene Uldschmidt Architects have a client who asked them to rebuild a Portuguese villa to become his own family home. His only request: “…. to have a place for me and my band to play music!” Besides that, the architects had a blank canvas to design on. But Marlene Uldschmidt knew well, that you never design in your head alone, you do it with many accompanying co-creators. This is the location itself, the surrounding landscape, climate, light, wind, the realities of building permits and the need for building optimisation. 

The stunning design of Villa Petra is bold, distinctive, and flawless. Light floods into the house from numerous skylights and pristine white walls, and floors widen the perspectives. Around 3000 square metres of concrete was removed and replaced by the Mediterranean and tropical garden arrangements. A Roman marble swimming pool, a tennis court, outdoor kitchen and pool bar offer numerous opportunities to relax and enjoy life in the sun.

Modern building automation technology by ABB supports the villa's performance, reducing energy consumption and providing comfort and safety to the inhabitants.

This is a mansion you may never want to leave.

Explore Villa Petra in Algarve, Portugal by Marlene Uldschmidt Architects.

Marlene Uldschmidt, Founder of Marlene Uldschmidt Architects |  Villa Petra – Algarve, Portugal by MARLENE ULDSCHMIDT ARCHITECTS | ABB | STIRworld
Marlene Uldschmidt, Founder of Marlene Uldschmidt Architects Image: Courtesy ABB

"Our style is spontaneous, natural, and honest. It doesn't try to please or follow the trends. It simply is," says Marlene Uldschmidt, Founder of Marlene Uldschmidt Architects.

Watch Episode #18 of Frozen Music and tour Marlene Uldschmidt Architects' modern Portuguese villa in the scenic Algarve.

Frozen Music Episode #18 Villa Petra – Algarve, Portugal by MARLENE ULDSCHMIDT ARCHITECTS, Courtesy ABB

Video: Courtesy ABB
Image Credit: Fernando Guerra
Sep 28, 2022

Frozen Music
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