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Women in Lighting: Giorgia Brusemini

Light Collective has initiated a project titled Women in Lighting to create greater awareness and encourage inclusion of women lighting design practitioners into the industry.

by Light CollectivePublished on : Oct 01, 2019

Giorgia Brusemini is a product designer, lighting designer and blogger who runs Ogni Casa E’ Illuminata from her office in Milan, Italy.  She is also the Ambassador for the Women in Lighting project in Italy. This video about the fascinating designer is a part of a larger series titled, Women in Lighting.

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Giorgia Brusemini, lighting designer at Ogni Casa E’ Illuminata, for Women in Lighting Video Credit: Courtesy of Light Collective
Women in Lighting (Logo) | Women in Lighting | STIR
Women in Lighting (Logo) Image Credit: Courtesy of Light Collective

Women in Lighting (WIL) is a project that has set out to create an inspirational digital platform for women working in lighting to promote their passion and achievements, narrate their career path and goals, celebrate their work and elevate their profile in the lighting community. Although women make up at least 50 percent of the practising designers, their inclusion on judging panels, editorial boards, conferences and as keynote speakers is significantly lower than 50 percent. WIL attempts to change that.

Watch out for the next interview with Jill Entwistle (Lighting Magazine: Illumination in Architecture).

To see interviews of other lighting design practitioners from this series, click here.

(Information has been taken from STIR’s partnership with Light Collective and Women in Lighting, the project which has been made possible by Formalighting)

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