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Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel embraces Tengchong's biodiversity

Designed as a serene retreat amidst nature, Zhang Can immerses hotel guests in the beauty of nature with his elegant design.

by STIRworldPublished on : Jul 13, 2023

Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel is located in Gao Li Gong International Tourism City, Tengchong, Yunnan Province, China. The Gao Li Gong Shan mountain range is a long, narrow mountain chain in the western part of the Yunnan Province adjoining northern Myanmar, outlined by two rivers flowing parallel to the mountain range. The topography of Tengchong bears semblance to a horseshoe, with high mountains fringing the periphery, and a valley that runs along the centre and opens on the southern face. Tengchong has, since long, been a major trading hub in southwestern China. It was used by Chinese and foreign merchants as a major stopover along the ancient Southwest Silk Road, which linked central China to Middle East nearly 2,000 years ago. The town, witness to various kinds of people since then, carries the imprints of various layers of history. More recently, it was a major site of China’s resistance war against Japanese invasion during the Second World War. As is the case of most of Yunnan, Tengchong has many different ethnicities living in and around the town. Han, Dai and Lisu are dominant and Tibetans, Bai, Aini and people with Burmese ancestry are some of the other groups found here.

  • Hotel amidst the mountains | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel amidst the mountains Image: Wang Ting
  • Volcanic mountains visible from the design | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    Volcanic mountains visible from the design Image: Wang Ting
  • Hotel in the evening, hanging on a cliff | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    Hotel in the evening, hanging on a cliff Image: Wang Ting

Tengchong abounds in geothermal energy due to its proximity to young volcanoes. There are over 80 steaming hot streams and boiling fountains in this region, making it an ideal location for a serene retreat. Set amidst such diverse ecological phenomena, Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel is a result of the transformation of five houses located halfway up the mountain, into this extraordinary hotel shaped by the desire for "sunshine, romance, fresh air, taste, and texture." While Zhang is renowned for his signature resort hotel design such as ‘Tengchong Bo Duo Hotspring Resort’ and ‘Jinghong Bo Duo Oxygen Villa Panoramic Resort,’ ensuring a one-of-a-kind experience of the stunning surrounding for guests at Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel was the focus of the Chengdu-based designer's approach.

The facade of the building is decorated with curved terraces that wrap around the core structure, arching and gracefully hanging on the cliffside, spanning from east to west. The sinuous silhouette constructed with curved lines, is nestled in the Eastern Mountain. The hotel entrance, situated at the foot of the mountain, is juxtaposed against the local volcanic rocks. Hence, a meld of modern design and geological elements ensues. Beyond the entrance, a semi-enclosed elevator transports the guests from the valley to the reception area. This short trip is enhanced by spanning views of the vicinal scenery and distant volcano, which hide and show up as the passenger ascends to the lobby.

The focal point of this extraordinary hotel is the largest outdoor heated moon-shaped pool in Asia, which is distinctly visible even as one approaches Tengchong Airport aerially, glimmering against the backdrop of Yunnan's blue sky and fiery clouds.

  • View of Tengchong from hotel | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    View of Tengchong from hotel Image: Wang Ting
  • Aerial view of hotel | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    Aerial view of Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel Image: Wang Ting
  • Crescent-shaped heated pool | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    Crescent-shaped heated pool Image: Wang Ting

The public areas of the hotel including the wine cellar and cigar vault embody the investor's passion and hobbies. The fireplace area and library corner provide alternative spaces fostering interaction. The hotel offers 34 rooms, the interiors of which are imbued with a soft rustic ambience because of the bamboo weavings and milky white wall coatings. The furniture design predominantly comprises materials such as rattan weavings, handmade leather, cotton and linen fabrics, and solid wood, creating a serene vacation atmosphere unique to Tengchong. Guests can breathe in the fresh mountain air every morning while journeying toward the hotel's restaurant and public areas. As the day progresses, sunlight flows and bathes the white external facades and the moon-shaped pool area, creating an enchanting atmosphere. The effect of the sunlight extends across the entire structure until sunset, infusing the space with romance and warmth, tranquillity and tenderness.

The interior design is simple, predominantly featuring textured micro-cement paint, artistic floral arrangements, and well-curated furniture. The walls feature arched niches that house decorative pieces making the space visually interactive. In addition to the lobby, wine cellar, fireplace lounge, water bar, tea room, and bar, the hotel's ground floor offers a restaurant with various dining options, as well as amenities such as a chess room, indoor golf area, meeting room, outdoor fitness center, and a children's entertainment area. The hotel proudly boasts the world's largest temperature-controlled moon-shaped infinity pool. During the day, guests can bask in the warm sunlight and swim in the huge pool, while in the evening, they can indulge in the unique experience of soaking in the hot springs.

  • Interior view of public spaces | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    Interior view of public spaces Image: Wang Ting
  • Interior view of rooms | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    Interior view of rooms Image: Wang Ting
  • Casa Piedra by Gabriela Carrillo | Casa Piedra| Taller Gabriela Carrillo| STIRworld
    The hotel offers spanning views to the nearby landscape Image: Wang Ting
  • View of sunset from private pool | Yue Bo Ban Shan Hot Spring Hotel | CSD.DESIGN| STIRworld
    A glimpse of the inteiors within the Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel Image: Wang Ting

Zhang Can of CSD.DESIGN, integrates elements of local geography such as volcanic rocks, in the hotel architecture, but with a contemporary aesthetic sensibility. The design provokes a dialogue between nature’s ruggedness and the subtlety apparent in modern structure. The use of gray volcanic stones infuses the structure with a character emblematic of its locality. The exterior walls have been painted white, since the local houses are dominated by white limestone, the walls have the same hue, allowing the building to blend into the surrounding context.

With careful and skillful utilisation of natural elements such as light, materials, habitat, flora, and contours as architectural features, there is a constant interplay of the unique surrounding environment and smooth architectural features, juxtaposed to produce a beautiful panorama of views and spatial experiences.

Project Details

Name: Yue Bo Ban Shan Hotspring Hotel
Owner: Yuebo Banshan Hotel Management Company
Location: Tengchong, Yunnan, China
Architect and Interior Lead Designer: Zhang Can CSD.DESIGN
Architectural Design Team: Lei Ting, Bai Yuesheng
Interior Design Team: CSD.DESIGN Tang Ting, Zhou Xiaohui, Guo Yuting, Liu Wenjing, Deng Yu, Yang Yan, Tang Jun, Wang Liangfen, Mou Shasha
Design Management: CSD.DESIGN Zhang Li
Lighting Design Team: Ou Mo Lighting, Shangbao Lighting
Interior Soft Furnishing Design and Implementation: CSD.DESIGN Tang Jia, Wei Ai, Yuan Minghong, Zhu Weiwei
Main Furniture Supplier: Zhuo Mu ZHUOMU, Chongqing Bi Tu Bi Furniture Co., Ltd.
Bedding Manufacturer: Belgium's century-old Royal bedding Nill Spring
VI and Guidance System Design: KUI design | Nan Jinming
Project Director: Zhou Xiaodong
Interior Construction Unit: Hangzhou Donggualiang Decoration
Landscape Construction Unit: Tengchong Xinwen Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
Project Area: 7,500 square meters
Year of completion: 2023

(Text by Aatmi Chitalia, Intern at STIR)

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