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Episode #19: 22 Bishopsgate in London in ABB's popular video series, Frozen Music

Head in the clouds but firmly anchored to the ground, London's second tallest skyscraper, 22 Bishopsgate is designed by PLP / Architecture.

by ABBPublished on : Mar 03, 2023

London is known for its historical landmarks but also for its modern skyline, which has become a significant trademark of the city.

This skyline changed yet again in late 2020, with the addition of a new tall building to its elite circle of skyscrapers. This is 22 Bishopsgate, London's second tallest building, designed by PLP / Architecture.

The tower stands strong in its foundations, its head held high, and generously welcomes all 12,000 residents and their guests inside. PLP / Architecture was appointed by AXA Investment Managers and designed a building using the existing foundations but increasing lettable space by 30 percent. However, PLP / Architecture's primary focus was to ensure the well-being of everyone who visits the building, with the goal of making all its inhabitants feel better when they leave than when they arrived. This property welcomes its guests with exceptional amenities, including art galleries, a bike park, a high-end gym, a fantastic dining hall, relaxation areas, educational zones, and numerous observation decks.

PLP / Architecture set a new benchmark, creating a culture for great places to work. People don't just want to work here, they want to live and thrive.

Amy Holtz, Director and Head of Sustainability, PLP / Architecture | 22 Bishopsgate by PLP / Architecture | ABB | STIRworld
Amy Holtz, Director and Head of Sustainability, PLP / Architecture Image: Courtesy ABB

Watch Episode #19 of Frozen Music and tour PLP / Architecture's colossal skyscraper situated in central London.

Frozen Music Episode #19 22 Bishopsgate – London, United Kingdom by PLP / Architecture

Video: Courtesy ABB
Image Credit: Jack Hobhouse
Feb 22, 2023

Frozen Music
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