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Hansgrohe's timeless designs bring dream bathrooms to life

The renowned German ceramics company shares an overview of their catalogue, emphasising comfort, innovation and sustainability.

by HansgrohePublished on : Sep 15, 2023

'Celebrate Change' is the motto under which the Black Forest-based Hansgrohe Group exhibited at this year's ISH in Frankfurt—an adage most redolent with the premium brand’s expanded product portfolio of ceramics. With its new products, Hansgrohe is responding to a change in consumer behaviour, where they no longer want to pick and choose individual sanitary products from different manufacturers, but instead, want to design holistic bathroom experiences. Moving forward, washbasins and toilets will be sold under the brand, in addition to washbasin faucets, shower systems, drains as well as accessories, set on their belief that a bathroom design is more than the sum of its parts. In keeping with this, the diverse combinations and product variations fit together perfectly, both technically and visually, to create a cohesive experience from a single mould.

  • The bathroom’s linear and framing elements define and emphasise individuality, as do the brushed bronze fixtures | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
    The bathroom’s linear and framing elements define and emphasise individuality, as do the brushed bronze fixtures Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE
  • A bright and open bathroom fosters warmth and well-being through the use of different surfaces, as well as timeless shapes and materials | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
    A bright and open bathroom fosters warmth and well-being through the use of different surfaces, as well as timeless shapes and materials Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE

Timeless product solutions for a holistic bathroom aesthetic

All Hansgrohe innovations integrate a timeless aesthetic, a multitude of functions and high-quality materials, resulting in orchestrated bathroom concepts for every everyday life and every kind of family, attesting to the brand’s signature product quality. Hansgrohe presents two series (Xelu and Xevolos) in many variations for maximum freedom in planning and combining. Hansgrohe Xuniva washbasins offer a wide range of other combination options, different shapes and installation variations. The new wash basin ranges (with and without tap holes) work with smooth installation as any Hansgrohe faucet lines.

Xelu, Xevolos, and Xuniva are names as unique as one’s personal living style and dream bathroom. Each of these names represents a washbasin collection, shaped by the individual character of the customer. These basins are made of durable sanitary ceramics. For the Xelu and Xevolos washbasins, this has been sealed with the dirt-repellent Hansgrohe 'SmartClean' glaze (also optionally available for the Xuniva models).

Moreover, the entire Hansgrohe washbasin range is in compliance with standards, with a range of pre-tested possible combinations of its basins and faucets for even more convenience in bathroom planning. Their appropriately named 'ComfortZone' test examines these products for a wide variety of applications: for example, water splashing while washing hands, or the convenient filling of a flower vase, is tested with various Hansgrohe faucets. Only optimally matching product combinations receive the Hansgrohe 'ExcellentFit' rating. This system serves as a valuable guide for the customer when making purchase decisions. All wash basins and toilets are packaged plastic-free and support a sustainable lifestyle owing to their durability and usage of mainly natural and recyclable materials.

Hansgrohe Xelu - Harmonious Form

The Xelu washbasin collection | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
The Xelu washbasin collection Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE

SoftCube is what Hansgrohe calls the rounded design language of the Xelu washbasin collection. Whether bathing children or washing their hair, Hansgrohe Xelu, with its spacious inner basin, is the all-rounder for the family bathroom. The ceramic drain cap and the interior basin without a visible overflow hole, emphasise its continuous, smooth design. The spacious faucet hole bench provides a sufficient storage area for bathroom utensils, simplifying daily routines. Customers can opt for even more space with the optionally available side shelf of the 800-millimetre-wide Xelu. This is accompanied by a custom-cut sound-absorbing mat. With nine models in six different sizes (with and without faucet holes), Xelu offers the right solution for almost every wash place.

Hansgrohe Xevolos - Sophisticated Design

The Xevolos washbasin collection | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
The Xevolos washbasin collection Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE

Clarity and straight lines characterise the design language of the Xevolos wash basins from Hansgrohe. This style is consistently implemented right down to the flush-integrated ceramic waste cap. The large inner basin offers enough space for daily care routines. Care products find a place on the large faucet hole bench. For particularly easy cleaning, the Xevolos washbasins are available in the standard variation without an overflow hole. The ‘SmartClean’ glaze with its dirt-repellent effect also makes it easy to clean. For the guest bathroom, the straight-lined Xevolos washbasins are available in 360 and 500 millimetres sizes. Variations without a faucet hole are available in sizes from 500 to 1200 millimetres. The Xevolos washbasins with two faucet holes are offered by Hansgrohe in widths of 1,000 and 1,200 millimetres. The wash basins are also provided with a custom-cut sound-absorbing mat.

Hansgrohe Xuniva - Beautifully Designed All-Rounder

The Xuniva ceramic washbasins | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
The Xuniva ceramic washbasins Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE

Maximum design freedom in terms of shape and installation is offered by the Hansgrohe Xuniva washbasins. The high-quality ceramic washbasins are available in four geometric shapes—from round to oval and RaceTrack to SoftCube. In combination with the three selectable installation types (countertop washbasin, built-in washbasin, and below counter wash basin) and additional variations with or without tap hole, the product line offers almost unlimited design possibilities, and all washbasin solutions in the collection can be finished with the stain-resistant 'SmartClean' glaze.

  • Interior of a bathroom where iconic shapes meet high functionality | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
    Interior of a bathroom where iconic shapes meet high functionality Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE
  • A wash basin from the signature ceramic collection by Hansgrohe | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
    A wash basin from the signature ceramic collection by Hansgrohe Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE

Hansgrohe EluPura- Hygienic Purism

EluPura is the name of the new toilet range from Hansgrohe. Here too, thanks to two design variations (round or SoftCube), the designs blend harmoniously with a wide variety of bathroom ambiences. But it is not only the silhouette of EluPura that is impressive: the optimised interior geometry of the toilet is also remarkable. With only 4.5 litres per flush, it can achieve outstanding flushing results, a solution that is good for the environment and the wallet. Additionally, the Hansgrohe ‘HygieneEffect’ glaze prevents bacteria from multiplying on the product and the rimless design makes cleaning easier.

With its universal design, the Hansgrohe EluPura toilet range adds to the composition of a dream bathroom. Visually, the toilets work with the Hansgrohe washbasin collections thanks to details such as the concealed wall mounting, and the choice of SoftCube or round shapes. The Hansgrohe toilet range is also impressive in terms of comfort and function, with optional quick-release toilet seats and soft-closing mechanisms. The stain-resistant ‘SmartClean’ glaze familiar from the washbasins, is also available. EluPura offers even more convenience in the rimless product variant with whisper-quiet and highly efficient ‘AquaHelix’ flushing technology.

The EluPura toilets from Hansgrohe | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
The EluPura toilets from Hansgrohe Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE

Together with architect Peter Ippolito, Hansgrohe has developed holistic bathroom concepts. With his internationally renowned interdisciplinary practice, Ippolito Fleitz Group, Ippolito displays the Hansgrohe innovations designed by PHOENIX in three bathroom concepts. "How can you easily achieve the ultimate dream bathroom? How can the bathroom be designed more innovatively, more individually and more sustainably? The conception of the dream bathrooms began with these questions. In this way, individual sanitary installations were transformed into simple and perfectly coordinated bathroom experiences that put people at the centre. The bathroom is experienced as a holistic, feel-good moment," says Marc André Palm, Head of Global Brand Marketing, Hansgrohe.

Ippolito agrees and adds, "My personal dream bathroom is a place of well-being, a place where nature and comfort enter into a symbiosis. The bathroom is moving further and further out of its supporting role in the home, and finally assuming its main role. It is becoming the room that it can be. All bathroom concepts are characterised by a warm feel and sustainable materials. Clever features, customisation and personalisation make dream bathrooms seamless, as interactive environments for every style and life situation."

In Harmony with Nature

In order to protect the environment, careful use of water and resources is a focus for all the new products by Hansgrohe, which is why they are largely made of natural and recyclable materials. Thanks to the plastic-free packaging of the wash basins and toilets, unnecessary plastic waste is also avoided after transport.

  • Cohesive design of the bathroom | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
    Cohesive design of the bathroom Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE
  • Customisation and personalisation of the bathroom interiors by users | Hansgrohe | STIRworld
    Customisation and personalisation of the bathroom interiors by users Image: Courtesy of Hansgrohe, Hansgrohe SE

Thus, Hansgrohe stands for holistic bathroom experiences that combine water and energy-saving technologies, intelligent functions, and durable quality. With timeless premium products, the brand supports a sustainable lifestyle thanks to innovations and future-friendly materials. Driven by this pioneering spirit, the brand designs unforgettable, ‘feel-good’ moments with water and living environments, while meeting high standards of comfort and design. Together with its long-standing design partner PHOENIX, the company creates holistic product solutions for the bathroom as well as smart living applications that enrich everyday life with greater functionality, safety and aesthetics. Within the internationally active Hansgrohe Group, the premium brand Hansgrohe manufactures, markets and distributes showers, shower systems, bathroom and kitchen faucets, bathroom accessories, sanitary ceramics and washbasins.

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