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'Everything Everywhere All at Once' and its many worlds with Jason Kisvarday

Mar 20, 2023

by Anmol Ahuja Mar 20, 2023

Winner of the Best Feature Film at the 95th Academy Awards, EEAAO's production designer Jason Kisvarday speaks with STIR on the magic and mundanity of the film.

Dylan Cole and Ben Procter on designing the world of 'Avatar: The Way of Water'

Mar 13, 2023

by Anmol Ahuja Mar 13, 2023

The Oscar-nominated production designers deliberate on exploring new Pandoran geographies, world building dynamics, and the titular way of water in 2022's biggest film.

The world of ‘Squid Game’: an architecture of oppression, excess, desire, and savagery

Oct 29, 2021

by Jerry Elengical, Anmol Ahuja Oct 29, 2021

Studying the varying inspirations behind the spaces of the hit Netflix series, STIR delves into the evocative architectural aspects of what makes Squid Game immensely bingeable.

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