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Doshi: Chapter 3 - 'Indian plan is not centric'

A film series (4/10)
The film 'Doshi' by Premjit and Bijoy Ramachandran, follows the life and work of the Pritzker Prize winning Indian architect, Balkrishna V Doshi.

by STIRworldPublished on : Aug 31, 2019

What is the idea of ‘Indian-ness’? There are clues all around the Indian way of life, the culture, the clothes they wear, the turbans that are traditionally worn and the essence of responding to the climate and creating a life around it. In this third chapter of the film ‘Doshi’, Balkrishna Doshi opines about what it means to belong to Indian culture, and as an architect. Examples surround us in these simple yet effective mechanisms within cultures, to identify these age-old techniques and further incorporate them into the design of spaces. This, as Doshi explains, becomes the the key to observing, learning and further executing.

9 min watch ‘Doshi: Chapter 3 – Indian plan is not centric’| BV Doshi | Bijoy Ramachandran| STIR
‘Doshi: Chapter 3 – Indian plan is not centric’ Video Credit: Bijoy and Premjit Ramachandran

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