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Doshi: Karma

A film series (10/10)
The film 'Doshi' by Premjit and Bijoy Ramachandran, follows the life and work of the Pritzker Prize winning Indian architect, Balkrishna V Doshi.

by STIRworldPublished on : Sep 03, 2019

BV Doshi believes in the cyclical nature of Karma, the belief that what goes around comes around, with respect to all deeds - good and bad. He has applied this philosophy to all the ups and downs in his life, even when he faced a difficult time during the design and building of the Bharat Diamond Bourse in Mumbai in 1985. He believes it must be a part of the debt that is pending to be repaid. His holistic, yet so sorted and positive way of looking at life as an architect, but more so as a human being can make anyone turn more humane and always look at the good in every situation. Something that comes naturally to him, but someone else might miss out in the mundane routine of things.

“Karma is something you can't stop.
Only when an account is settled, can we be freed from it.
Either I owe you or you owe me, that is why you are where you are.
Nothing is planned, it was all planned long ago.”
- BV Doshi

06 min watch ‘Doshi: Karma’   | BV Doshi | Bijoy Ramachandran| STIR
‘Doshi: Karma’ Video Credit: Bijoy and Premjit Ramachandran

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Doshi: Karma

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