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Doshi: Chapter 6 - 'Architecture is a matter of transformation'

A film series (7/10)
The film 'Doshi' by Premjit and Bijoy Ramachandran, follows the life and work of the Pritzker Prize winning Indian architect, Balkrishna V Doshi.

by STIRworldPublished on : Sep 02, 2019

The passion with which Doshi built the institution, School of Architecture in Ahmedabad (Centre of Environmental Planning and Techonology, CEPT), can be seen even today in the way students and teachers respect, communicate and solemnise this legacy. His students became his extended family, and the school his temple of solace. In this chapter, Charles Correa and Jaimini Mehta talk about adaptations in architecture and learning from the masters, and Nimish Patel discusses what it meant to be taught by Doshi at the school.

“For me, Doshi, as a teacher, as a human being, is as important as him being an architect. His contributions in both these other fields are so enormous that they can never be judged." - Nimish Patel

10 min watch ‘Doshi: Chapter 6 - Architecture is a matter of transformation’ | BV Doshi | Bijoy Ramachandran| STIR
‘Doshi: Chapter 6 - Architecture is a matter of transformation’ Video Credit: Bijoy and Premjit Ramachandran

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